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This is our team.
If you want to join the team behind the scenes, please contact us!


Kim, 28, Founder

Property Acquisitions Manager by day, master multi-tasker by night. Girl boss enabler, food blogger, dog mum, telly addict, wearer of stripes. Find her in the driving seat getting shit done.


Allanah, 32, Co-Founder

Eternally optimistic TV Producer, weekend yoga teacher and air miles collector. First on the dance floor and last to brunch. She will pet your dog.


Bec, 27, Co-Founder

Daffodil lover and messy hair enthusiast, Bec is convinced that she’s the heroine of a fantasy novel and is always planning her next adventure.


Chloe, 24, Co-Founder

Wanderer who seeks all things weird and wonderful. Mountains, music, art and laugher keep her rooted; tech projects and branding start ups keep her reaching.


Debbie, 29, Co-Founder

Punk rocker nursery nurse who is a family girl at heart. Pun queen, food and craft beer obsessive with a passion for travel and quirky fashion. A lover, not a fighter!


Eloise, 24, Co-Founder

Trainee accountant, gin enthusiast, dog lover, foodie, born and bred Brightonian, forever trying to be more of a warrior and less of a worrier.

Emma B

Emma B, 31, Co-Founder

Law graduate from Florence who now contributes to a US corporation’s expansion in Europe. A tenderhearted idealist you don’t want to argue with.

Emma T

Emma T, 25, Co-Founder

Designer, swimming coach, wine lover and caffeine addict. Currently attempting to make the most of this beautiful city we call home.


Eve, 24, Co-Founder

Earth scientist turned girl who communicates. Admirer of balloons, will pop it like it’s hot. Reads zines, tells stories and eats pizza. In search of Edinburgh’s best slice.


Laura, 25, Co-Founder

Digital project manager, girl boss (in training) and careers, workplaces and jobs advice blogger. Semi-reformed couch potato and pizza addict. Closet goth, wifey and soon-to-be puppy-mum.


Lisa, 24, Co-Founder 

Almost qualified architect, passionate about sport, design and the outdoors. Bit of a foodie and often found in close proximity to a G&T.


Lucy, 28, Co-Founder

World wanderer with a penchant for whisky and exploring. As a purveyor of random trivia, is passionate about always learning more.


Stacey, 29, Co-Founder

Research scientist and eternal optimist. Big fan of the Oxford comma. Dancing at discos, a good book, live music and even better wine. Yes please.