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QNameTânia Ferreira

Q1When I was a child, my mother tells me I wanted to be a professor at the university. Why? I wanted to teach adults, didn’t care for children my age (lol). My mother says I was a little adult, very proper and prim. Then I changed my mind to psychology, but that entailed being in an office all day and I was not okay with that. I wanted the outdoors. It came down between biology or photography. But then photography was at a private school – very expensive – so I went with biology and was happy with my choice.

Q2I’m a flight attendant. Yeah, really different from what I studied…!

Q3An aircraft cannot depart without pilots, for obvious reasons, they are “driving” the aircraft, but it also cannot depart without us. We are the firefighters, the first responders if someone feels ill and the ones that can command an evacuation if necessary. Very, very pleased to say nothing like that has ever happened to me! So, all my time is occupied with making sure all passengers are comfortable and enjoying their flight.

Q410 years now.

Q5Out of university, employment prospects were pretty much grant related: one applies for a project or research grant and gets it for that single project. And it goes on like this, for a lot of my friends it’s still going on like this! I wanted more stability and certainty but also fun, see the world and not take work home – to have a more relaxed life. I saw an advert for an airline recruiting flight attendants, applied, got the job and am still doing it!

Q6Do your research! Online you will find various testimonials about different airlines: what it entails, salary, perks, what it’s like to live in a different country from yours, working hours, and a lot more. Consider which airline suits you best; your personal preferences and principles.

Q7I would work with JJ Abrams. I love his movies and television shows, even just being his PA would be alright. Being behind the cameras seeing all of my beloved shows being made.

Q8EasyJet’s policy is that pictures in uniform are not allowed for social media purposes, sorry!

To find out more about Tania’s day job, email us at athenacollectiv@gmail.com


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