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This week is the turn of Athena Collectiv founding member, let’s find out what she does for a day job…

QNameKim SteeleQ1I wanted to be a paediatric nurse until I realised people might be sick on me. Then I wanted to be a primary school teacher until I realised kids might be sick on me. Then I settled for an interior designer. 100% because I was obsessed with Changing Rooms.Q2I am a Property Acquisitions Consultant for a global retailer.Q3 Basically, I work for a company who always needs big sites and it’s my job to find them, buy them and then a new store gets built on the site. I also manage their existing portfolio and get to travel the length and breadth of Scotland to do my job!Q4I’ve been in this current role since January 2017 but I’ve been in property for 7 years now – working my way up to where I am now. Q5I left school at 16, got an art foundation at college, went to university and studied Interior Architecture and when I left uni, I got a job working for a property investment and development company. It was supposed to be a stop-gap until I could get an industry job in interiors but turns out I was pretty well suited to property.

I worked all through school, college and university and I think that’s really valuable to get some experience in the working world – even if it’s not in the industry you want to be in! I’ve done everything from working in a hotel to an ordnance survey company. Q6Go for it! I wish I’d known at school that there was such a thing as a property surveyor (I’m not qualified in that but a lot of people who do my job are). Whatever you want to do in life just go for it – especially when you’re young. There are so many more jobs out there than the list they tell you about at school!Q7I do love what I do but if I could open a wee sandwich shop tomorrow, I would! Q8Here’s me with all my maps of Scotland 😉


If you want to find out more, email us at athenacollectiv@gmail.com

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