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One of the most important days in the calendar of “World Days”, “International Days” and “National Days” is upon us: Mental Health Day.

Why is World Mental Health Day still so important? Statistics suggest that one in four of us experience some form of mental health each year and we can all probably say that even if we haven’t experienced mental health problems ourselves, we know someone who has. And we all need to take care of our own mental health.

Mental health and wellbeing still has a long way to go to remove the stigma that surrounds it. Whilst we good ol’ British folks are terribly polite, we’re not very good at talking about our problems or airing ‘our dirty laundry in public’. Mental health can affect anyone, everyone and all of us and it’s so important to get the conversation going with friends, with family, with loved ones, with yourself to realise that we are not alone in our problems.

We have therefore compiled a list of our Athena top picks for social medias, website resources and local charities who can provide help. But most of all, we want to let all of our readers, followers, friends and members that you can always be you with us. We are here for you. Reach out and please don’t suffer in silence.

Scottish Association for Mental Health

This was recommended to us by mental health care professionals – they share great interviews and articles. You can find their website here or like them on Facebook.

Health in Mind

A great Edinburgh charity who not only provide support but they also advertise vacancies to those who work in the field as well as training courses. Their website is currently under construction but they do have some resources available.

Ruth Finn Leiser

Ruth is a mental health advocate who you can find on Instagram, recommended to us by one of our members.

guys…I think the day is finally here. after a good 8 years, my dance with the pink devil is finally over. today I made an appointment to change prescription this thursday, and today is day 10 without taking it aka the longest I've gone artificial hormone free since I was 17. and it might be confirmation bias but I woke up today feeling buzzing about just being a person on the planet for possibly the first time in quite some time. 💊 also seems a good day to get home and find this unprovoked & SO unbelievably appreciated gift from @roisainmcateer waiting for me with the post. coz while I might feel undeserving of such kindness, I can at least agree with the sentiment coz girls ARE strong as hell. choose between bleeding like a massacre victim with pain so bad u can't function for a week every month or choose a high stakes toxic lottery of birth control with literally any number of unforeseen combinations of side effects on both ur physical & mental health or choose risking pregnancy and with it the undertaking of motherhood OR the contempt of society for practising your legal right to decide it isn't the right time (but lol if u wanna make a well-informed independent choice to opt for sterilisation coz yr girl brain defs can't comprehend the long term consequences). let the horror stories commence! 💊 ps my initial plan is to go with another brand of combined pill (or the mini pill) n if it turns out that I just can't handle any hormonal one anymore then I'm going for copper coil. pps I know 'females' isn't the most inclusive term but we all know the sentiment with which it's meant so pls don't tell me I'm ignorant n shite. and kimmy schmidt forever obvs. GRL PWR FOREVER.

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The Junction

The Junction, amongst many other resources, offers free counselling to young people aged from 12-21 in Leith.

See Me Scotland

Using the hashtag #myunfilteredlife people have been sharing their mental health stories with See Me Scotland across social media helping to end the stigma. Their website also has lots of fantastic resources. One of our members shared her story:

An important #myunfilteredlife post from @laurakatherinenelson. The health and fitness industry can often portray unrealistic expectations on social media. Expectations that can make us feel bad about ourselves. But working out can also be great for your body and mind. Well done Laura! ———- This picture is not representative of how I felt for most of today. For most of today, I felt tired, deflated, stressed and run down. The absolute last thing I wanted to do after a packed week was to work out. But then something weird happened. I've been sticking with @lucywyndhamread's May Challenge and Cardio Character programmes, and for the first time in my life, today exercise actually made me feel better, more positive, less anxious and stressed, and as though I had done something really good for my body. Okay I'm still a tired sweaty mess, but I'm a much happier tired sweaty mess than if I'd just vegged on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Thank you Lucy for your constant virtual encouragement and support. I'm nowhere near my end goal yet, but I'm certainly giving myself a fighting chance. 🤸🏼‍♂️ 📷: @laurakatherinenelson #myunfilteredlife #mondaymotivation #mentalheath #mentalhealthawareness #endstigma #enddiscrimination #mentalhealthmatters

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Sofie Hagen

Sofie is Danish comedian who now lives in the UK. Often, the topic of mental health is discussed on her podcast, Made of Human – in an honest, relatable and informal way with her interviewees.

Young Women’s Movement Scotland

A wonderful resource for a wide variety of topics, what we particularly love are the regular reminders on Facebook and Instagram that self-love and self-care are really important.

Kara Brown

Kara is the CEO and Director of Young Women’s Movement Scotland (their youngest ever) and is a vocal advocate of ending the stigma around mental health. She regularly shares her own stories on Instagram.


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