Our Guide to This Year’s GBBO Contestants | 2017

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It might have defected to Channel 4 and lost some die hard fans who can’t live without Mary Berry, but love it or loath it, GBBO is back on our screens for the next few months.  Will Prue Leith be able to come up with a better catchphrase than soggy bottoms? Only time will tell…

Here is your guide to this year’s contestants:


The scouser. Paul’s got himself two young ladies to be lusting over this year (ugh) and poor Kate is one of them. Kate is a history buff and is showing her brains off beside her baking skills.


Siberian Julia is also getting adoring glances from Paul (ugh). Julia is set to be the one who cries every week.


Oh Flo, you absolute wee cutie. She’s the token oldie who wins everybody’s heart and breaks our hearts each week if she doesn’t do very well. We’re routing for you Flo!


The teacher’s pet. Won Star Baker twice already. Nuff’ said.


A molecular biologist by day, dark horse baker by night. Could be one to watch.


Another cutie, quiet, not had much screen time yet. Keep an eye out for him.


Another sideliner, you’ve probably not learned her name yet. She might just come up and steal Steven’s crown from him. Also she’s training to be a stuntwoman. Love her already.


Our one Scottish entrant this year, Tom is this year’s posh boy. His architect background might mean we get to see some impressive cake structures…


The hardworking mum of several children, who really, really tries but just doesn’t quite get there.


The young, cute, male eye candy for old women who will say he’s a lovely boy.

And for those we’ve already loved and lost..


The eccentric loveable one who’s shit at baking and we don’t know how he got there.


Will go down in history for that bread cake.

The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 8pm.

All photos copyright of Radio Times.

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