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Picture Credit © Phil Wang, Twitter Inc

The son of a Malaysian Man and English woman, Phil Wang considers himself a child of the British Empire. A tough position in 2017 Britain, when we’re trying to close our borders to the rest of the world…thank you Brexit.

So, where does he belong? Is he Malaysian, British, or is he just a stereotype to be made fun of?
As a kid all he wanted was to be a grown up and British, but has he changed his mind? The hour long show will take you through some anecdotes of childhood, adolescence and dating to try answer some of these questions in the funniest way possible.
While the audience might not be able to relate to everything Phil has to say about his childhood, lacing the facts with some rather hilarious stereotypes means he holds everyone’s attention and the hour will fly by.
Whether or not you’ve caught Phil on Live at the Apollo, Have I Got News For You? or another TV show (not yet made it to the BBC Asia Network). I’d recommend you try catch him live while he’s in town for a rather topical comic journey about the life of a British-Malaysian.
Catch Phil at Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August.

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