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This Fringe-show-come-sex-ed musical really takes the birds and the bees to a whole new level! Did you know that Cleopatra filled a hard-skinned fruit with angry bees to use as her…erm, vibrator? Yes, it’s bizarre; and it’s also just one of the stories which inspired Buzz: A New Musical by Fat Rascal Theatre.

Featuring the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, a Rabbit from Amazon Prime, M&S pyjamas and a plush clitoris along with an assortment of characters from history, the musical takes the audience on a laugh-out-loud journey through a timeline of women’s self-pleasure.

The show’s opening scene is hilarious and doesn’t hold back, so be prepared to come face to face with a dancing clitoris (no actual nudity) from the get go. Right away we’re introduced to the heroine of the story, Angie, as she is wallowing over a break-up. To the shock of her best friends, it’s revealed that Angie has never owned a vibrator, and so begins the story of her self-discovery with the helping hand of Cleo, ‘hysterical’ Victorian women, sacked scientists (how dare they research female self-pleasure!), and a few gods and goddesses who know a thing or two about getting it on, alone.

The awkwardly hilarious performance by Allie Munro (Angie) brings this surreal musical about vibrators back down to earth, and there is genuinely something to be learned here. The story doesn’t just address women’s sex toys, but also touches upon sexual health, casual dating, one night stands, queefing (omg), and the pressure to look good.

It goes without saying that Fat Rascal Theatre have produced a feel-good comedy musical addressing a subject which is generally more accepted and open today. It entertains while educating, and shows just how far we’ve come in in the world of female orgasms and self-pleasure. In fact, a few of my male friends feel the balance is tipped the other way, and that it’s male sex toys that are the tabooer subject. Either way, it’s refreshing to see this topic being examined on stage at the Fringe and being so thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

If only our sex ed at school could have been less bananas and condoms and more dancing clitorises, I’m sure we’d have learned a lot more about our bodies, and that sex isn’t just about putting condoms on men. Go and see this musical with your friends, then head straight to the pub to laugh about ‘that scene’ with the blow-up doll!

Buzz: A New Musical is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe until August 28th 2017.  

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