Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Top Picks

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With the Fringe in its 70th year, this fantastic festival brings thousands of people, performers and patrons to our streets and brings them alive. It transforms Edinburgh as we know it; but with literally thousands of shows to choose from, the trouble is knowing where to start. With the action kicking off on the 4th August, we’re ready and raring to go.


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So, here are our top picks to get you going…

Quarter Life Crisis | 3-13, 15-27/08 | From £6.50

“Alicia is a hot mess”. Now, if this doesn’t speak volumes to you, you mustn’t have reached your quarter life crisis stage yet. Lucky you. Promising to mix addictive basslines, spoken word and audience participation, we’re not quite sure what to expect but we know it sounds good!

Hot Brown Honey | 2-8, 10-13, 15-20, 22-27/08 | From £10

More than just theatre or cabaret, Hot Brown Honey are on a mission to fight the power – with a bit of panache (and dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song of course). This is set to be the beginning of a movement. Let’s be there with them.

Showhawk Duo | 24-26/08 | £10

Massive Ibiza tunes, played on acoustic guitars…! The whole room will be jumping and they were apparently discovered playing on the Royal Mile in previous years so these shows are set to be extra special.

Avocado! |  2-11, 14-23, 26-27/08 | From £7.50

The avocado has in essence become our icon of the decade – even becoming its own emoji due to popular demand. The boys at Avocado! are set to sketch out scenes I’m sure we’ll all be familiar with and what it means to be a 20-something in this day and age “flat whites and flats we can’t afford”.

Erin McGathy, Murdertown | Aug 2-13, 15-28 | From £8

Erin hosts a podcast called “This feels terrible” where she is very open and vulnerable, but quite hilarious and this show sounds like it will be a departure from her usual style with a one woman murder mystery.

Austentatious |3-14, 16-28/08 | From £11.50

A choose your own adventure romp through Jane Austen’s back catalogue. They’ve been to the Fringe before; it’s a funny, silly, hour and you won’t be disappointed. 

Sara Pascoe Ladsladslads |2-13, 15-27/08 | From £7

Ridiculously intelligent, comedian and now published (and lauded) author, Sara Pascoe uses her intelligence and wit to create thought provoking but hilarious comedy shows. Once you’ve seen her, go and buy her book ‘Animal’. You can thank us later.

Tessa Coates: Primates | 2-26/08 | From £6

An up-and-coming new(ish) comedian to the circuit whose Debrief podcast is gaining popularity which she co-hosts with previous fringe performer Stevie Martin (not Steve). The preview info doesn’t give much away but we’re waiting in anticipation to see how this debut show goes.

Nina Conti | 17-27/08 | From £12

Nina actually has two shows this year – “In Your Face” which is like the plastic mouth they use in Celebrity Juice for an hour of improvised “witchery” and her second show “In Therapy” features the ventriloquist monkey she’s become known for. Again, a return performer who’s tried and tested.

#Dave: Literally the Best Magician | 5-27/08 | Free

A magician / comedian / mind reader. It’s completely brilliant and it’s free! You’ll leave the show laughing, a bit confused and completely blown away.

The Guilty Feminist | 4-5/08 | From £13

Panel based discussion and comedy show about ‘noble 21st century feminists goals and the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them’. It’s relevant, at times poignant and always funny. Each show opens with panellists admitting “I’m a feminist but…”

Skin | 2-13, 15-28/08 | From £7 

“This is not my body”. A dance show which will tell the story of a boy’s journey through gender transition. The critically acclaimed group will perform an ’emotionally driven story of identity and belonging’.

EIF Fireworks Concert | 28/08 | From free

Of course we have to go out with a bang. These fireworks will be some of the best you’ve seen in your life – mind blowing, goosebump inducing, breathtaking. Choreographed to a score by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. You can either watch for free from Princes Street or pay for a better view from Princes Street Gardens. Not to be missed.

What else are you planning to see? Hit us up with your recommendations!




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