10 Subscription Boxes to Celebrate Payday

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If you’re already lamenting pay weekend having been and gone, why don’t you give yourself something to look forward to at the end of this month?

It’s a craze that’s been around for longer than you’d think, but it seems there’s a subscription box for just about everything right now. So what else can you get dropped on your doorstep besides mascara and fresh fruit? From cheese toasties to tampons, there really is something for everyone…!

  1. Lucky Dip Club

Do you remember those amazing lucky dip bags you used to get as a kid? Lucky Dip Club’s subscription boxes are like the grown up version of those (kind of). The best bit is that each box features one personalised item that’s intended just for you! Here’s a sneak peak on Instagram #luckydipclub.

  1. Cheese Posties

Can we just take a moment to admire the name of this subscription box? It’s awesome! Okay so just to be clear here, the #cheeseonpost guys don’t actually send you a hot toastie – the idea is that you get all the ingredients and throw it together in your toaster with the special bag they send you. You get to decide how often you’d like your toasties delivered, and you’ll get a different flavour combo each time. Sandwich lovers rejoice!

  1. Buddy Box

Have you heard of the Blurt Foundation? They’re increasing awareness and understanding of depression, and they have their very own subscription box called the Buddy Box. Described as ‘a hug in a box’, it’s the most amazing thing to land on your doorstep when things are getting too much and you’ve forgotten to take some time for yourself. July’s theme is ‘When You Feel All At Sea’ and its insides are sure to make you (or whoever you send it to) feel calm, relaxed, creative or just a little bit better.

  1. Bloom & Wild

I’ve used Bloom & Wild a few times now for gifts, and I love them because the flowers actually fit through your post box – so you don’t have to be there to collect them. If you love a floral Instagram like our girl Bec, then you should check out their monthly subscription bouquets to liven up your feed!

  1. The Paper Gang

Ohh Deer have their very own Papergang subscription box packed full of notebooks, cards, prints and other bits and bobs to make your desk the office shrine. At about a tenner a month, this could be a nice way to liven up a random workday every once in a while!

  1. The Willoughby Book Club

Lots of us Athena Collectiv girls are big readers! If reading is your jam, The Willoughby Book Club will send you a gift-wrapped book every month based on whatever it is you like. What’s even better is that they donate a book to charity every time a book subscription box is sold!

  1. Rough Trade Club

If you like to listen to music on something other than your phone, you can get Rough Trade’s magazine and a new album as an LP or a CD each month, the choice is yours. The idea? You spend less time looking for exciting music, and more time listening to it.

  1. Bakery Cakery

Delicately wrapped parcels of hand baked cake with a choice of coffee or tea…what’s not to love? Herefordshire based Bakery and Cakery have teamed up with Bruce and Luke’s coffee and teapigs to make sure you can enjoy your cake properly…with the right brew!

  1. Pink Parcel

This one’s all about the timing! Choose a date close to your period, and you’ll receive a box full of your favourite tampon and pad brands, beauty products to treat yourself, tea, and a little something sweet to curb those PMS cravings…Pink Parcel’s blog is pretty fun too!

  1. Beer 52

Beer and a magazine once a month? Yes please! Beer52 sends you a case of 8-10 craft beers, a beer snack, and the latest issue of Ferment Magazine. Cheers!

Do you have a favourite subscription box? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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